With the fall season just around the corner, our summer is slowly coming to an end. Labor Day, on September 5th, marks the unofficial last day of summer, making it the perfect weekend to end the summer season. What’s the best way to close out the summer? A party of course!

Throwing a party is always fun; especially bringing family and friends together. Hosting a group of people at your home, also means a frequently used bathroom, a sink that is always running, and a garbage disposal being put to work.

For the Bathroom:

  • Keep the bathroom clutter free. Believe it or not, small knickknacks, like Q-tips or cotton balls, could possibly cause a clog if dropped into the toilet. With people going in and out of the bathroom, keeping the space clutter free can ensure that your toilet is running smoothly.
  • Know where your toilet shut off valve is. Typically located under the toilet tank, this emergency option can stop an overflowing toilet from starting a flood.
  • Leave a waste bin in the bathroom. Flushing paper towels, napkins, tissues, or tampons can create a clog in the toilet.

For the Kitchen:

  • Don’t toss too many food scraps into the garbage disposal. While we all love to take advantage of our garbage disposals, overworking it could potentially cause a kitchen sink clog. Instead, toss the food scraps in the trash or a compost bin.
  • Avoid pouring grease, oil, and fat down the drain. These oils can solidify to the walls of the drain, restricting water flow.
  • Freshen up your garbage disposal after the party! Toss in a few citrus peels, such as a lemon, and let it run. The peels will clean the blades and freshen up the smell.

For the Outdoors

  • Check your hose bib for leaks. If you are planning to use the hose for some outdoor fun, checking for a leak can save you a lot of water.

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