• Turn off the water supply (most often located under the sink
  • Put the faucet in center position or turn on both taps to relieve water pressure and then shut off
  • Cover drain with a strainer or a rag to prevent lost parts
  • Pay close attention to the order you remove the parts (generally you will need an Allen Wrench Set)
  • Once all parts are out, inspect the cartridges for deteriorated washers
  • Clean mineral deposits on the aerators with warm vinegar (see previous plumbing tip for details)
  • Bring deteriorated parts to your local hardware store – be sure to note the brand of faucet.  However, you may need to order the part
  • Once you have the new part, put the tap back together in the reverse order (you may want to take pictures to rely on for this step
  • Once you are ready, turn on your water supply and tap on in center position until water flows freely and all air is out
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