1) Although we’re still enjoying ‘summer’ temperatures, be sure that you keep an eye on the weather forecast, especially overnight temperatures, for when they start to dip below zero or even close to zero.  Before this time comes, you should detach all hoses from your outside taps (even a temperature of zero can freeze your pipes when they are attached to a hose – including frost-free faucets).   If you operate an underground sprinkler system, the pipes should be blown out and turned off as well.  Store your disconnected hose in a warm place – any water left in can freeze and expand causing your hose to break.

2) Once you’ve removed the hose and inspected the area for leaks and drips, it’s time to turn off your inside supply line. Once you’ve shut that off, make sure you turn on your outdoor faucet to drain the existing water (Hose Bibb ‘should’ have a drain port in it to drain the line).  If there are leaks/drips – regardless of how much water, it is recommended you purchase a frost free hose bibb.  For assistance, call Iron Horse Plumbing.

3) Take a walk around your home, paying special attention to the drain tiles.  Drain tiles are a perforated pipe that is then often covered in gravel which pipes excess water away from your home.  Clear any debris from this area to allow the water to drain away properly.

4) Clear leaves from gutters and downspouts of any leaves and other debris

5) Inspect and clean sump pump and pit.  Pumps exposed to extreme cold can freeze and prevent the pump from operating properly.

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